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Carbon Bushing CB100
CB100 is a bimetal bearing material, with which carbon has been bonded on and over the backing steel with a heat-resistant resin to constitute a lining layer. The lining layer demonstrates an equivalent sliding performance to that of a solid carbon material. This is a composite bearing material effective under critical mixed and boundary lubrication conditions such as when the lubricant transitionally becomes low. Moreover, due to the bimetal-type material, it is effective for bearing designs of all sizes. Low-cost design can also be realized.

Features and Effects

CB100 can be utilized as a bearing material in areas where sufficient lubrication cannot be expected to demonstrate ultra and superior wear and seizure resistance.
  1. Equivalent performance to that of a solid-carbon bearing.
  2. Due to the bimetal-type bearing material, low-cost design can be realized in and around the bearing.
  3. Superior chemical stability, and superior corrosion resistance.
  4. As surface-finish processing is possible, application for precision parts is feasible.

Microscopic cross-section picture

Application Example/Actual Usage
As the main bearing for scroll-type room air conditioning compressors.