Engine Bearings Products

MGB (Micro-Grooved Bearings) are engine bearings that have numerous shallow circumferential grooves covering their surface (Pitch: 0.1 to 1.0 mm; Groove depth: 1 to 10µm), much like a music record disk.
Notwithstanding the conventional concept in that the surface should be smooth, the Microgrooves greatly contributes to engine noise and vibration reduction. MGB have been mounted in the Toyota Celsior for the first time, and have become popularly used for various other vehicle models.


MGB have various and superior performance characteristics and high potential, such as in vehicle comfortability improvement, environmental control solutions including low fuel consumption and light-weight vehicle realization.

  1. Silent performance improvement
  2. Fuel consumption reduction
  3. Starter size reduction
  4. Bearing width reduction
  5. Oil cooler elimination

MGB have a high reputation in the Society of Tribology and Lubricant Engineer in America (STLE) and at the International Tribology Conferences, and also received the first-assembly engineering award from the Japanese Society of Tribology in 1996.