Solder Products
SS Soldering Alloy
"SS Soldering Alloy" is a soldering material developed under a completely new concept; that is, by adding special elements to a eutectic solder, the inter-metallic compounds can be crystallized so as to prevent lead migration and grain growth. With this, a long lifetime of micro-joint has been assured. This concept, of positively using the additive elements, has changed the conventional concept of soldering materials.

"SS Soldering Alloy" is the most suitable soldering material to apply in the following areas:

  • Areas to be effected by a certain level of higher temperature and stress under a heat cycle environment.
  • Areas where reliability is required for an extremely long period of micro-joint life under vibration.
The "SS Soldering Alloy" consists of the following types:
Primary SS-series concept material that has a superior fatigue resistance (10 times higher than eutectic solder).
Improved soldering workability in parallel with an equivalent fatigue resistance to SS100.
More economical type of SS300 (the fatigue resistance is double that of eutectic solder).