Special Bearings Products
Copper Alloy Sprayed Coating CS100
CS100 is a copper-lead alloy sliding material applied on the base material through the flame-spraying method. While Cu Pb alloys are widely used for a bearing material, it is difficult to use these in conditions that the lubricant cannot be easily expected, as the lead tends to bleed out due to the sliding heat.

CS100, copper-lead alloy thermal sprayed coating, has the lead finely and evenly distributed on the base copper material. With this, CS100 accomplishes a superior wear and seizure resistance that is durable under critical lubrication conditions that could never be accommodated before.
Features and Effects

As the sliding material is developed through the flame spraying method, an inexpensive steel and iron coating based material can be utilized, which contributes toward a low-cost designing solution.
  1. Superior in the wear and seizure resistance under high-speed and high-loaded mixed
    lubrication conditions
  2. High bonding strength
  3. Easy surface finishing process, suitable application for precision parts
Application Example
Continuous and variable capacity swash-plate type car air-conditioner compressor swash plates
..... CS100 sprayed on the sliding surface of a cast-iron mother material