Metal Gaskets Products
Single-layer Metal Gasket


An innovative, and the first-one in the world, single-layer metal cylinder-head gasket, that is feasible for a high-performance engine with thin wall between cylinder bores, has been developed for the aluminum-alloy cylinder head of mass-production automotive engines.
  1. Multiple Gas Sealing
    Laser-welded shim ring all around the cylinder bore---primary sealing
    Bore bead on a highly-rigid single-layer stainless steel plate---2nd sealing
    Elastomer bead (optional)---3rd sealing
  2. Half beads for coolant and oil sealing
  3. Newly-developed fluoro rubber
  1. Improved basic sealing performance
  2. Improved fastened thickness deviation
    precise compression ratio
  3. Bore distortion reduction
  4. Thin and light

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Introduced on Toyota vehicles in 1990.