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Ni-P-B-W Electroless Plating N700
N700 is an Ni-P-B-W electroless plating for sliding surfaces, that has been developed using our unique surface treatment technology, to demonstrate superior wear and seizure resistance under mixed lubrication conditions with a small amount of lubricant.

As the plating can be easily applied to the aluminum alloy material, a combination of the aluminum to aluminum sliding members, which was not conventionally possible, becomes feasible, and thereby greatly contributes toward light-weight and low-cost design solutions.

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Features and Effects
N700 demonstrates a superior wear and seizure resistance in sliding performance against a
high-Si aluminum alloy. Especially, as a high surface hardness can be obtained without any heat treatment after plating, N700 is the optimum solution for aluminum sliding material surface treatment.
  1. Aluminum to aluminum sliding member combination is possible:
    Light-weight and low-cost solutions.
  2. High surface hardness can be assured without heat treatment:
    Optimum to aluminum base materials.
  3. Bonding strength is high, coating thickness is even, and surface finishing is possible:
    Application is feasible for precision parts.
Application Example/Actual usage
Surface treatment of aluminum vanes for all-aluminum car air-conditioner compressors