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Dry Bearings
TAIHO dry bearings have been developed for the following three usages.
First of all, you want to use bearings without lubricating oil completely.
Secondly, you want to use bearings in a difficult place to supply lubricating oil.
Thirdly, you want to use bearings in a place which lubricating oil easily becomes insufficient, although under oil lubrication.
The dry bearing shows low friction characteristics even without lubricating oil, because it contains PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), MoS2, graphite and etc. that have self lubricating properties.

TAIHO dry bearings will contribute to your needs of low cost, light-weight and maintenance free performance.
  • Dry bearings can be used in a wide range of lubrication conditions, from mixed lubrication to non-lubrication.
  • Dry bearings can make an oiling system unnecessary, therefore you can design your machine systems to be more compact and at lower cost.
  • Dry bearings can reduce maintenance frequency, because can be used without supplying any oil from outside.
Generally, lubrication condition can be divided into non-lubrication, mixed lubrication, boundary lubrication and fluid lubrication.
We have three kinds of production line-up which can be applied to a wide range of lubrication condition.
TAIHO Dry Bearing Line-up