2023 Fiscal Year: Consolidated Key Data

Net Sales

22/3 98,820(million yen) 23/3 105,161(million yen) 24/3 112,044(million yen)

Operating Income

22/3 1,108(million yen) 23/3 694(million yen) 24/3 2,489(million yen)

Ordinary Income

22/3 1,650(million yen) 23/3 1,211(million yen) 24/3 3,236(million yen)

Profit(Loss) Attributable to Owners of Parent

22/3 321(million yen) 23/3 399(million yen) 24/3 1,747(million yen)

Capital Investment

22/3 6,072(million yen) 23/3 6,473(million yen) 24/3 6,453(million yen)


22/3 7,687(million yen) 23/3 7,292(million yen) 24/3 7,213(million yen)

Research and Development Expenditure

22/3 3,457(million yen) 23/3 3,681(million yen) 24/3 3,729(million yen)

Summary of Sales

(i)Sales by products

Bearings:23/3 43,008(million yen) 24/3 45,466(million yen) System Products:23/3 17,240(million yen) 24/3 20,576(million yen) Die-Casting Products:23/3 10,119(million yen) 24/3 12,303(million yen) Gasket Products:23/3 16,577(million yen) 24/3 17,456(million yen) Equipment:23/3 13,294(million yen) 24/3 11,027(million yen) Others:23/3 4,922(million yen) 24/3 5,214(million yen)

(ii)Sales by region (Before elimination of intercompany sales)

Japan:23/3 87,670(million yen) 24/3 94,440(million yen) North America:23/3 9,248(million yen) 24/3 11,315(million yen) Europe:23/3 3,349(million yen) 24/3 3,250(million yen) China:23/3 11,168(million yen) 24/3 12,170(million yen) Asia:10,509(million yen) 24/3 11,134(million yen)

Sales Segmentation

Sales 112,000 million yen, Bearings 41%, System products 18%, Die-Casting Products 11%, Gasket Products 16%, Equipment 6%, Precision Dies 4%, Others 4%

Consolidated Balance Sheet (Summary)

2023/3 Total assets:113,774 Current assets:58,827 Fixed assets:54,947 Current liabilities:35,669 Fixed liabilities:11,019 Net assets:67,085
2024/3 Total assets:119,254 Current assets:62,536 Fixed assets:56,718 Current liabilities:27,642 Fixed liabilities:19,917 Net assets:71,695


20/3 24(Dividend per Share), 21/3 20(Dividend per Share), 22/3 22(Dividend per Share), 23/3 20(Dividend per Share), 24/3 20(Dividend per Share)