Basic approach

The Company shall endeavor to provide corporate information on a timely and fair basis and obtain a proper corporate valuation in the stock market through various IR activities. We disclose information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and the rules as set forth by the Tokyo Stock Exchange as well as proactively make available information on our management policies and business activities.

Financial strategy

Our financial strategy for sustainably increasing our corporate value consists of earning profits by maximizing our earning power and distributing these profits with priority given to transforming our portfolio and returning profits to shareholders. Specifically, twenty-five (25) percent and fifteen (15) percent of earned profits shall be allocated to strategic investments for the future and shareholder returns, respectively, on a priority basis. Through this cycle, we shall endeavor to realize a return on equity that exceeds the cost of capital.

Dialogue with shareholders and investors

In order to contribute to sustainable growth and an increase in corporate value over the medium- to long-term, we shall engage in constructive dialogue with shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders. We hold a round-table conference for shareholders every year after the conclusion of the annual general meeting of shareholders in order to deepen dialogue with shareholders. In September, we held a business strategy briefing session to outline our medium- to long-term outlook.

Main IR activity track record

  • Toyota Business Fair (March)
  • Shareholders' Meeting (June)
  • Business Strategy Briefing (September)
  • Individual interviews with institutional investors and securities analysts (occasional)
Business Strategy Briefing
Business Strategy Briefing
Toyota Business Fair
Shareholders' Meeting