Basic approach

"By thoroughly implementing a 'Customer First' approach and continuously providing excellent products that delight our customers, the Taiho Group is united in promoting quality improvement initiatives globally, so that we can be known as 'Taiho of Trust' as stated in our corporate motto."

Basic quality philosophy

By adhering to the principle of 'Customer First' and
continuously providing 'Quality' that satisfies our customers.

Quality improvement activities

Aim of activity

Establishing the 'Trusted Tiho Brand' through human resource development and growth throughout the Tiho Group.


We are working on developing human resources with a high sense of quality by focusing on themes such as 'Correct Assurance Methods,' 'Problem-Solving Improvements,' and 'Sharing Failure Cases,' through 'awareness' and 'learning' on-site.

Customer SatisfactionCustomer Satisfaction

Aim of activity

To become a 'reliable supplier' that contributes to improving our customers' quality.


Not only do we meet the product drawing specifications, but as a specialized manufacturer of bearings and die-casting, we also learn how our customers use and make the products. We are promoting initiatives to solve problems together with our customers.

Quality award

General Motors Company
Supplier Quality Excellence Award
Hosoya Plant (7 consecutive years)
Gifu Plant (5 consecutive years)
Kyushu Plant (4 consecutive years)