Taking on the challenge of developing the core parts of fuel cells

We produce end plates, a structural part of fuel cells for the Toyota MIRAI. We are now taking on the challenge of developing new core parts for fuel cells by harnessing our elemental technologies. One type of new energy vehicle for the new age of automobiles is the fuel cell vehicle (FCV). An FCV generates power through a chemical reaction achieved by combining hydrogen and oxygen. The energy source it uses is clean because it produces no harmful substances whatsoever.

New product development based on the use of the Taiho Kogyo Group’s elemental technologies

An end plate is an aluminum die-cast product and constitutes a housing component that connects both sides of a fuel cell when it is being compressed. In addition to the end plate, other components – such as the separators, terminals, and insulating plate boards – are also being developed as new products using our elemental technologies. Separators are critical in fuel cells as a core part for the generation of power. We believe that this is an area in which our corporate group’s elemental technologies – including our pressing technology, sealing technology, and surface treatment technology – can be fully harnessed. We aim to utilize elemental technologies cultivated in the treatment of surfaces and development of bearings to improve corrosion resistance and conductivity.

Mass-produced product

Development product

Contributing to society through new product development carried out with the involvement of Group companies, universities, and other partners

The development of these new products entails the use of knowledge provided by not just us but also other Group companies. A quick development process is promoted through collaborations with universities and other partners. We are committed to working hard to contribute to the cultivation of an environmentally friendly hydrogen society. We would like to eventually set our sights on areas other than automobiles.