We aim to harness our cultivated strengths to perform as a one and only best-in-class company.

We continue to take on new challenges by harnessing the elemental technologies we have cultivated to date in accordance with our watchwords: deepen and exploration.

With slide bearings constituting our main business, we have been engaging in research on bearing materials by utilizing tribology-inspired technology. We believe that our strength – an integrated system for performing all processes from the development of materials to their production in-house – allows us to provide our clients with best-in-class bearings. When it comes to exploration as practiced by us, we are further expanding and deepening our knowledge of the development of materials as a way to deal with the changing times and are carrying out development work in new fields with the aim of becoming a one and only best-in-class company. For example, we are working on the problem of heat as it relates to the electrification of automobiles.

Development that aims to achieve best-in-class performance for all bearing materials (deepen) and development work for which our proprietary technologies are applied to materials for electrification in new areas (exploration)
Deepening (bearing materials)
  • "Bi-alloy overlay bearings for high cylinder pressure engines"
    Plating technology
Sliding bearing "BP200" with improved fatigue resistance
  • "High surface pressure resin bimetal bearings"
    for new diesel engine fuel injection pumps
    Resin composites
Resin bimetal bearing "CF100"
Exploration (electrified materials)
  • Eco-friendly "electromagnetic shielding plating"
    Plating technology




  • Heat dissipation material
    Resin composites

We would like to solve the problem of heat control in electric vehicles with materials.

With carbon neutrality as a watchword, the automobile sector is rapidly transitioning from gasoline-powered engines to electric vehicles. In order to develop products with one-and-only technology for electrification, we have begun to explore new families of materials.

By utilizing technologies for kneading and dispersion and proprietary technologies for designing materials as cultivated for bearings, we are promoting the development of heat-dissipating materials that disperse thermal conductive fillers in insulating resin.

For example, heat is a big problem when it comes to electric vehicles. High-temperature environments shorten the lifespan of parts and reduce the efficiency of power generation. In this connection, we are working to develop heat-dissipating materials by utilizing our proprietary technology for developing materials. We develop new materials in a series of processes through which we think about the composition of materials and then produce and evaluate our own prototypes. We need new knowledge and have much to learn about such topics as benchmarking and investigations of the latest trends. It is not always easy, but it is very rewarding.

fig.Reducing reactor temperature by using high thermal conductivity materials.

We are focused at all times on expertise as we seek to combine proprietary technologies with leading-edge technologies.

Our experience developing bearing materials by handling a wide range of materials – from metals to resins – is a critical platform for the development of materials. Taking on the challenge of embracing leading-edge technologies through partnerships between industry and academia is a key feature of who we are as a company that values expertise. While we have thus far been developing materials to satisfy performance requirements by asking ourselves what kinds of materials we need in order to make a given part, we would like to henceforth take on the challenge of developing products by taking a material that we have already developed and wondering if there might be a product for which the material could play a key role.