Structure of bearing materials

Engine Bearing

Crank Washer

Names and key roles of engine bearing parts

Name Key roles (basic functions)
1 Bearing width
  • Basic bearing dimension.
  • Ensures proper unit load and oil film thickness.
2 Middle thickness
  • Oil film formation and noise reduction
    by securing proper oil clearance.
3 Oil relief Position
  • Positive formation of wedge oil film.
  • Reduces the impact of housing deformation,
    misalignment, and other phenomena.
  • Secures an amount of cooling oil.
4 Value
5 Crush
  • Relieves deformation caused by crushing
    (interference) after assembly.
  • Eliminates foreign matter in the lubricating oil.
6 Value
7 Crush height
  • Fixes and locks to the housing as the substitutive
    characteristics of the interference.
8 Oil hole Diameter
  • Inlet/outlet for lubricant
9 Position
10 Oil groove
  • Oil passage to connecting rod bearings.
    (Set in the main bearing)
11 Notch Position
  • Axial and circumferential positioning of the bearing.
  • Prevents assembly of similar products due to change
    of notch width and position.
12 Width
13 Height
14 Length
15 Free spread
  • Conform the bearing outer surface to the housing.