Development aims

Prevents damage caused to bearings by foreign particles (scratches) by discharging outside the bearings foreign particles still remaining when the engine is assembled and foreign particles that encroaches when the engine undergoes an overhaul or embedding such foreign particles in the relief groove.

Development concept



1.Improved protrude and eject performance due to an enlarged chamfer on the mating surface

2.Improved eject performance and supplementation due to an enlarged crush relief angle

3.Improved protrude performance due to the presence of a dust pocket


Handling of foreign particles

State of initiative Standard Foreign particles discharge design A Foreign particles discharge design B
Chamfer of the mating surface Standard Enlarged Enlarged
Crush relief length and depth Standard Enlarged Enlarged
Dust pocket Without Without Present

A design for discharging foreign particles helps reduce deep scratches of 10 μm or more by approximately 90%.