Development aims

End plates for FCs

  • Downsizing casting machines by lowering the casting pressure from 1,250 t to 800 t
  • Lower weight and costs through the adoption of an optimal rib design

Castable projected area

Development concept

Downsizing of machines

Item to reduce casting pressure

  • Die temperature control
  • Practical application of die surface treatment
  • CAE-based predictions of casting defects (product form and casting plan)
  • Injection speed increase
  • Increased sleeve filling rate

Low pressure technology image

Lightweight design by utilizing CAE

  • Implemented optimal rib arrangement and lightweight design by combining strength and die-casting manufacturing requirements

Confirming effectiveness

Downsizing of machines

Casting cost reduced by about 30% compared to conventional products

Lightweight design by utilizing CAE

Maintains required strength and reduces mass by 23%

Application example

  • End plates for FCs
  • Valve body, etc.